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In case of an error related to the services posted and submitted on the Website, Elena Purva Ltd. reserves the right to refuse or cancel the provision service which has been reserved or committed. Elena Purva Ltd. has the right to partially refuse or cancel any kind reservation/order under any circumstances, whether or not the payment of order or service has been received.


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Elena Purva Ltd. does not guarantee that satisfaction with the products or services purchased from the website or via links on the website. No warranties or guarantees are extended by Elena Purva Ltd. regarding the security of any information that may be provide to third parties (including, but not limited to, information about payment tools and other personal information). The User waives any claims relating to third persons content with this contract. Elena Purva Ltd. always has the right to decline to provide service to the User, terminate accounts, remove or edit content, and/or cancel orders. Elena Purva Ltd. does not guarantee the privacy or the property of the communication or information contained in the website. The User irrevocably waives the jurisdiction of any lawsuit or proceedings (including counter action) or to the right to become a party in relation to all matters arising from the use.

10. E-TRADE may offer different types of purchasing opportunities of goods or services on its website. The User is required to provide the necessary personal information (name, surname, phone number, credit card information, e-mail address and mailing address) truthfully, completely and accurately when ordering, booking, or purchasing goods or services on the website. In the case of mispricing or misinforming due to inaccurate prices on the list of goods or services offered for sale on the website, Elena Purva Ltd. reserves the right to cancel, refuse, or decline the service committed at any time. In case the goods or services mentioned in the website are available or limited by reservations, prices regarding the aforementioned goods or services may unilaterally be changed, withdrawn or cancelled by Elena Purva Ltd. at any time without any justification. The User shall not claim any right in this matter.


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An occurrence such as an act of nature and/or riot, war, strike, communication and technical problems, infrastructure and internet failures, power interruption and/or adverse weather conditions are considered as force majeure.


A failure to enforce any part of these Terms of Use by Elena Purva Ltd. shall not be construed as a waiver of enforcement rights of these Terms of Use for the past or future acts of anyone. The Terms of Use have the force of contract between Elena Purva Ltd. and the User and consist of 14 Articles. All rights reserved by Elena Purva Ltd..